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Whether you want to save money on your weekly food shopping, or save money on your holidays, there is pretty much an app for it.  Check out theses fantastic ways to keep more money in your pocket.


Navigating through the complexities of supermarket deals and discount coupons could be a real pain, and in some cases you aren’t sure if you are actually saving money or not.

MySupermarket helps you solve this problem, by providing you with information on prices from about fifteen different supermarkets which stock the same product. You also get the chance to earn cashbacks on selected purchases.

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A common way of wasting money is by paying for services you no longer need or by paying way above the standard rate for a service. To put a lid on this, the Bean app helps monitor and manage your reoccurring payments ranging from your utility bills to your subscription services like Netflix or Deezer, notifying you if you there is a better deal on offer than your current subscription.

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Do you travel regularly or you are just looking to save a few quid on your travels? If yes, then you should consider installing Momondo app on your phone.

The app is available for free and help to evaluate prices from different flights, car rentals, and hotel deals and so on. It passes this information to the user at no extra cost. Momondo insists its prices aren’t determined by the magnitude of your searches.

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For lovers of cashback deals, CheckoutSmart is a must have app on your phone. This App allows you to view a collection of items with cashback offers on a daily basis. After signing up for the service, you will be able to view the reward programs on offer and decide if you want to buy or not.

After making a purchase, all you need do is upload evidence of payment and get cashback into your CheckoutSmart account. You can also decide how you want to receive your cash whether directly into your bank account, your PayPal account or your credit/debit card.

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For those interested in using discount codes locally, Vouchercloud enables you search for local discounts using your phone’s current location. This app is suited for both Android and iOS devices, it available for download for free and all you need do is display your voucher on your phone screen to redeem the vouchers.

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VoucherCodes has the reputation of being one of the most popular saving app in the UK.  This app allows you search for both online and printed discount codes/vouchers, promo offers and deals from well over five thousand retailers, restaurants in the United Kingdom.

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Chip is an interesting app powered by AI algorithms which helps to estimate how much cash you can save, and automatically sets this amount aside in a different savings account. It’s important to point out that chip requires read only access to your bank account, this is dependent on whether your bank is on the list of banks in partnership with chip.

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Savings Goals Pro

Looking to go on that well deserved vacation or holiday? Or saving toward a goal or target? Savings Goals Pro allows you to input your savings target and the time frame you intend to accomplish your target. The Saving Goal Pro app then calculates your savings schedule (either weekly or monthly). It is also very easy to monitor your saving progress with user intuitive info graphics.

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Meter Readings

With ability to record data from about nine different utility meters in the house, Meter Readings app makes use of these data to calculate your usage, savings and cost display the information in simple charts and graphs.

Users in the United Kingdom can use this information to compare cost and usage against other service supplier to see if actually they are getting a fair deal or not.  Another upside to using this app is that you can change suppliers from your mobile device.

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Do you have tons of loyalty cards and keeping track of them is becoming messy? There are huge benefits to having loyalty cards no doubt, however, you can’t redeem these benefits if your loyalty cards are missing.

Stocard allows you save your loyalty card in one place. All you need to do to retrieve your loyalty card is to display the card’s barcode from the Stocard App. This simple method allows you to eliminate the need to carry your loyalty cards around.

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Hopefully you can save a few pennies by using some of these app’s, but don’t stop there! Check out our article about how to save money on your food shopping, travel and home utility bills.

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