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Glasses and a Kindle are a way to show how you can become a Amazon Kindle Books author in this day and age

Amazon kindle Books are a fantastic way to turn your passion in to books.  This is a low cost, easy to implement way of becoming an author, and anybody really can do it.

Book publishers have gone through a radical change in the past 10 years, and more and more of them are going out of business. It’s because most authors prefer to self publish these days based on the fact that the likes of Amazon have it so easy.

In 2014 it was reported that the Big Five publishers – Penguin Random House, Macmillan, HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Shuster – accounted for 16 per cent of ebooks on Amazon and self-published novels represented 31 per cent of sales on Amazon Kindle Books.

The sheer number of people turning to producing ebooks has skyrocketed with the introduction of electronic readers, like kindle. This has made it very easy for you to take your information to people globally, and as well as that, it is so much more cost effective.

This basically means that virtually anyone with something to say can write a book, publish and market it, without having to go through a publishing house to get it done. Amazing right?

Now that you know this, I’ll give you good reasons why you can turn your passion in to an ebook and self publish it yourself.

Here are a whole host of reasons why you should create an ebook;

  • If you are a blogger you can turn your content in to a book, which in turn will generate additional traffic back to your website from Amazon.
  • Having your own book will help your business by making you look more credible and expert in your field.
  • If you need to get ahead of your competitors, having a book will help generate that cutting edge and stand you out from the crowd.
  • If you are working on your communication skills, writing a book will assist you in learning faster than any other way.
  • If you are an expert in an industry and you aspire to be a speaker, writing a book will help you to get in the door much faster and gives you topics for your speaker events.
  • If you have picked a popular topic, and you get the packaging looking professional, then it can be a good source of income.
  • It’s pretty cool to say you have written a book!

So the big question is how much money are you going to make from writing a book?

Well the answer isn’t that simple I’m afraid, because some people never sell a copy, and others are making a very tidy some of money regularly.  In order to make any money at Writing an ebook on this laptop on your garden benchall from writing a book, you have to have something to say of value about your topic, and you have to research and understand what your readers want to know about.  What’s the burning questions they want answering?

If you can this right, then your next task is to make it look awesome.  Look at the best sellers on Amazon Kindle Books and note how their front covers have been created by a graphic designer, and really tailored for the author.  You wont get away with something you have knocked up in Microsoft word art!

Why not start by looking at successful writers and see how they structure and write their books.  See how professional the front cover looks, and think about why people are buying this content.

Check out Paul Pilkington who for the past 5 years or so has been successfully producing fiction books online, or Tracy Bloom who went from an employed Marketing Executive to a successful writer and self publisher on Amazon.

Download your FREE copy of the Amazon Kindle book 18 page guide (usually £97)



So you have decided that writing a book is for you, well here are the steps you need to take in order to become an author in your chosen field.



First of all, you need to think about why you want to write a book.  You need to have a goal which you can visualise and grab hold of each day to stay motivated.

If you know why you need to write a book then you can stay focused on it, and your goal should be in your mind at all times.  It will keep you focused when you are stuck for ideas, or feeling like the process is all taking too long.


 This is the time for you to brainstorm after setting your goal. Get some paper and note every possible idea that you could write about. The more ideas you write down, the more likely that you uncover some unique aspects that haven’t been written about before.  If you are struggling for ideas, then think about these questions:

  • What skills do you have that others can gain from? They could be emotional, physical or mental.
  • What interests or passions you have pursued in the past?
  • What challenges you have overcome in your life?
  • What huge changes that you have gone through or the common stages in life that you are in right now?
  • What interesting experiences you want to share with people?
  • What are you expert in?

When you have written down a long list of ideas, pick the best three or four that goes well with your goal. Take time to look back over the ideas you have narrowed down, and see which one you keep coming back to.


After selecting your ideas, you have to get them into sub-niches. It’s advisable for you to go deep than wide when choosing a topic; it will let you give the readers specific and detailed information and gives you more opportunities to write about your niche in the future.

For instance, instead of you writing a book that is based on solving relationship problems, it will be better for you to write about how to combat financial crises in marriage.  Instead of writing about how to start an internet based business, write about how to set up a new blog or create a specific type of website.

Your readers will require instructions on how to get something done step-by-step. They need your book to be specific and have quantifiable actions not just filled with interesting concepts only.

Your book does not need to be huge. Why not create a short book which make for a quick and easy read.  Not everybody wants to wade through hundreds of pages to get to the critical information.



Before you jump into writing a book on your chosen niche, ensure that people need the information and are currently searching for it. It’s not wise to invest time in writing a book only to find the topic is of little interest to others.

There is a way to find out if your topic is interesting enough; go to and search for words connected to your niche, or look for trending words suggested by Google.

Go to to check out words that rank high on Amazon. You will have to pay for this service but it’s worth it if you want the needed insight necessary for writing your book. I checked out “how to write a will” and I found out that it is very popular.

There is one more thing you need check out, and you can search on Amazon Kindle Books for it. Visit the Kindle store and enter your phrases and your keywords. When I searched for “How to write your will” less than ten books popped up.

I was surprised at this since the phrase ranks well on merchant and on google. I looked at the top selling book and seen that they had sold about fifty thousand.  This is a decent amount of sales considering that once the book is written, you earn money while you sleep.

You can search for the sales rank of each book in the “Product Details” whenever you go to a sales page of that particular book.

Finally, look at the books that fall under your sub-niche and find out which has the highest rank. Check reviews on that book and this will help you to find out what is right and wrong in the book.  Apply this learning when you want to write your book. You might add a new twist to it even though the topic is tired.




All the information you gathered will assist you to decide on a viable topic. Just remember that it’s always going to be a bit of gamble on how successful your book will actually be. If you are a blogger, have a social media presence or even a mailing list of followers, why not carry out a survey and see how interested they are in your topic.

This is because they are the ones most likely to purchase your book. So you need to find out what challenges they have, the things they are interested in, and see how you book can be tailored to suit those needs.

You can also check any forums that are discussing your topic, and even ask them how likely they would buy a book on the topic you chose.


As I said before, you do not need a huge book especially if it is your first work.  Since it might be self-published, you will sell at a lower price (£3-£4), but at the same time make sure you give your readers massive value for money.  This has to be something they can put down and feel was really useful.

Start by making an outline of what you want to add to the book.  You may change the structure as you go along, but try to ensure there is always a solid structure to your content.


For most start up authors this proves to be the hardest part. Although they want to get their work published, they can’t seem to stick to any writing habit. It is easier to begin with little steps, such as writing for five minutes every day at a particular time of the day. Try not to miss any day to get used to the habit of writing.

Just write something! even when you get stuck because you can always revise the content later. The major point is to remain consistent, no need for perfection though.

If you start out with 500 words every day, you will have a 30,000 word book out in just two months!

Download your FREE copy of the Amazon Kindle book 18 page guide (usually £97)


A lot of people skip this step even though it is very important. You require another set of eyes to correct mistakes, trim out the fluff, and ensure that it flows well.  Your reviews will be terrible if there are mistakes in the spelling or grammar, and you definitely need to maintain credibility of you want to sell more books.

In this day and age you can get some really skilled people through gig sites such as fiverr or Freelancer, and the rates are competitive and negotiable.  Maybe you could even do this for other people now that you are a established content writer!


The cover of your book should look eye catching and professional also. I would only advise creating the cover yourself if you are a skilled graphic designer, otherwise I would pay a small fee to get somebody to do it for you.

Again, I would recommend going to Fiverr or Freelancer to source a reasonably priced designer.


This is the last step after writing and editing. It is time for you to share it with the rest of the world. To get it published on Amazon Kindle Books, visit Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and create your account.

Once this is done, you’ll make a file for your work which will be formatted by kindle.  All the instructions on how to do this including the publishing itself is on the website.  Read up on all the help topics posted there to find out what you have to do.

Finally, writing and getting your work published is not as taxing as you feel it might be especially after you develop a consistent writing habit, and start to make some sales.

Hopefully you have found this useful, and are now ready to start thinking of your first book.  To help you with the actual design and writing stage, we have produced a complete guide to structuring your book, making your first book so much easier to create.

Thanks you for reading our advice on how to write Amazon Kindle Books.  Ready our article on how to start and Amazon dropshipping business.

Dave Hartcliff

High & Wise

Download your FREE copy of the Amazon Kindle book 18 page guide (usually £97)


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