My business reached 100k instagram followers in a year with FueledLeads

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Can you reach 100k Instagram followers in under a year?

Well our guest this week has done exactly that, and his business is now reaping the rewards in brand engagement and in also in sales.  We are delighted to be speaking with Nic Keller from the owner of 360 football and Soccer Supplement Switzerland, who talks about the power of FueledLeads.

How I grew my business to another level while earning money with it

Thank you Timothy for letting me speak to your followers, I’m delighted to write this short piece for High&Wise.

My name is Nic and I am the owner of 360 Football and Soccer Supplement Switzerland. I soccer supplement bottleds on the grass. Two men playing footballrun two online stores in the soccer niche and

I work with many professional teams and athletes, and because of the public appreciation for celebrity pictures, I wanted to be on Instagram. On Instagram you can find me under @360footballtraining, where you will see I have over 136k followers!

Instagram is such a great platform for a business like mine, because people love watching other people, especially in the sports and celebrity world. I soon realised that Instagram was becoming my most popular platform for advertising.

About one year ago my business really started to grow exponentially, especially thanks to this platform.  For the reasons I have mentioned, I decided to build my whole business around Instagram.

I was introduced to a company called Fueledleads through a friend, which really made a difference to my marketing.  FueledLeads is a social media account management service which grows businesses social media accounts and gains them more targeted leads organically.

I started with almost no followers and no engagement.  I now get around 1 Million visitors a week to my pages, which is incredible and an absolute game changer for my business. Thanks to Fueledleads.

nic keller Fueledleads instagram leads. impressions, reach and clicks can be seen. _.360._nic

What is FueledLeads?

FueledLeads is a social media account management service which grows businesses social media accounts and gains them more targeted leads organically.

They work with over 250 businesses each month, covering over 30 different countries and have been managing accounts since the beginning of 2018.

You can choose to let FueledLeads grow your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook following, or even choose all three.

You can even earn money through your subscription!

I didn’t just grow my business, I am actually earning a passive income with their affiliate system which is genius. The system helps you to grow, and you can even earn money with it at the same time.

In order to earn money from their affiliate scheme, you just need be using their services each month, and then you can sign people up for a commission of their monthly spend.  The great thing is that you can actually used FueledLeads to get you your sign ups!

Once you sign up for the service, they will provide more details on how you can sign up as an affiliate for free.

Who can you promote FueledLeads to?

  • Business Owners – CEO’s or affiliate marketers that are promoting a good or service and want more leads and growth from their Instagram accounts.
  • Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers – People like you that are interested in making money online and joining one of the best affiliate programs out there.
  • Anyone – Generally anyone on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that wants a bigger audience and following.

So as you can see, FueledLeads has been integral to the growth of my business, and in growing my Instagram following.  If you want to know more then go over to their website and check it out for yourself.


Thank you Nic Keller for sharing your success story

As a new business we know how hard it can be to generate organic social media leads, so we are going to use FueledLeads ourselves.  We will report back and let you know how we get on.

I would just like to thank Nic for sharing his story, and for inspiring us with his football businesses and Instagram following.  Please do check out Nic’s websites 360football and Soccer Supplement.

If you want to watch a short video about how FueledLeads can help your business, watch the video here.

Timothy Peters

High & Wise


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